Anita Perry

Back to Business Basics: Anita Perry, former CFMTA and BCRMTA secretary. Whether you are starting off or have a well-established studio, this presentation will help ensure your music teaching business has the right professional tools.

Eleanor Gummer

Its all about the thumb. An understanding of how the thumb works is essential to develop proper technique. Discover positioning of the thumb and its use in grounding the hand for all levels of playing.

Gloria Chu

Learn how to empower a single touch to become the toolbox for infinite colour choice in timbre. This session will provide strategies to expand on the craft of piano tone - the essence of music artistry in piano playing.

Gloria Chu

Learn how to blast off into the rhythmic pulse of any piece engaging the core energy. This session will discuss the 3 steps to transform imagination into energetic tone.

Gloria Chu

Developing intentional music habits is a key element to embrace the change in the digital age. Students crave continual sense of progress in a world of video games. This session will discuss the 5 steps to take action to establish intentional music habits in the digital age.

Glory St. Germain

Strike a chord with your music teaching business at the Ultimate Music Theory workshop, where you’ll master the A B C - Back to Basics! Get ready to conduct your educational symphony as Glory St. Germain unveils three keys to elevate your teaching methods and income in perfect harmony.

Lorna Paterson

BC musician and composer Lorna Paterson will share tips about building a stronger foundation for piano students in their early development. Lorna will share samples of her own compositions, demonstrating the technical and musical challenges that are introduced.

Nita Pelletier and Joyce Janzen

Nita and Joyce introduce basic keyboard Harmony concepts that correspond to the requirements for level 9 practical exams. Joyce and Nita have created workbooks that cover melody creation, reading lead sheets, harmonizing Bach style chorales, and beginning analysis.

Tamara Vandendool Cable

Unlock the potential of every student in music education. This session unveils innovative methods catering to students with disabilities, giftedness, and early learners. Gain valuable teaching tips ensuring success for all in the classroom.